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M-Agers entering the workplace will force internal restructuring for businesses  
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PCs and mass television marginalised

Are the PCs’ days numbered?
Will TV broadcasts become less relevant?
Will M-Agers entering the workforce lead to a different type of workplace?
Will “touch” technology lead to a different kind of consumer in the future?

These are the results of polling on key technology issues and changing consumer behaviour from our Open Ideas event in London earlier this year. Senior figures in marketing, research and customer relations from some of the UKs most dynamic companies were asked to debate four motions and then decide whether they were “fact” or “fiction”. The charts show how once all-pervasive communication channels, PCs and mass television, are becoming marginalised as we enter the digital age. They also highlight a widespread feeling that the M-Agers who will dominate this period and the “touch” technology that they have grown up with are not only going to force businesses to change the way they connect with customers but also how they structure themselves internally and conduct their own affairs.

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