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It’s a Kindle Christmas

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Electronic book readers top the wish list of stocking fillers this Christmas  
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Kindle is this year’s must-have gadget

Never underestimate the power of marketing. Thanks to wall-to-wall advertising, Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader looks set to be the must-have gadget this Christmas – beating last year’s must-have gadget, the iPad, into sixth place. Of those planning to buy a technology present, almost one in four said they are most likely to buy a Kindle or other e-book reader, while only 10% said the iPad was top of their list. Many of the messages in our TrendSpot chatroom have been extolling the virtues of this handy alternative to bulky paperbacks. “I was quite against the idea of the Kindle before, but after reading your comments I’m so curious to try one out,” said fudgecake22. “I’d better put it on a letter to Santa!!” As well as demonstrating the shift from Apple to Amazon this year, our graphic also clearly shows the continuing move away from fixed line internet devices to mobile. The only fixed line ‘box’ in our list, a blue-ray player, is only rated by 1% of consumers. Changed days, indeed.

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