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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Where we're at: our new mobile app

At our ‘Open Ideas’ event earlier this year we highlighted the increasing importance of physical location in a world that many assume is increasingly virtual. Further, 51.3% of the UK population now own a smartphone and use their phone to perform a huge variety of tasks in a wide variety of locations and 73% of these people use mobile internet at least once a day1.

In research terms, being able to determine participant’s location is highly valuable, as it...

Going for Gold: Bulletin Board Focus groups vs Live Online Focus groups

The athletes are limbering up on the starting line in the e-lympic stadium. In today's race we have the Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BB FG) and the Live Chat Focus Groups (LC FG).

The media has been whipping up a storm about the rivalry between these two consumer research competitors.

But what are their strengths and weaknesses? Let's take a look at their profiles:

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A Funny Thing Happened to the Forum

The forum started life as electronic mailing list, evolved into a bulletin board, was rebranded as a forum then took over the online research world in many people’s eyes.

Then a funny thing happened to the forum.  It became laden with a huge burden of expectation, with would-be forum-ites demanding cheap, self-perpetuating, plentiful insight from customers.

Is this justified?

What a forum is

  • A way for customers to build up online connections...

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