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Going for Gold: Bulletin Board Focus groups vs Live Online Focus groups

The athletes are limbering up on the starting line in the e-lympic stadium. In today's race we have the Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BB FG) and the Live Chat Focus Groups (LC FG).

The media has been whipping up a storm about the rivalry between these two consumer research competitors.

But what are their strengths and weaknesses? Let's take a look at their profiles:

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A Funny Thing Happened to the Forum

The forum started life as electronic mailing list, evolved into a bulletin board, was rebranded as a forum then took over the online research world in many peopleís eyes.

Then a funny thing happened to the forum.  It became laden with a huge burden of expectation, with would-be forum-ites demanding cheap, self-perpetuating, plentiful insight from customers.

Is this justified?

What a forum is

  • A way for customers to build up online connections...

Engaging Silver Surfers

Whilst it is vital to push the boundaries and engage with a younger audience, it is often the over 45s who are the backbone of online research communities.  So to keep your over 45s awake and ready to give you feedback at the drop of a hat, Iíve compiled some handy tips that will see them flocking to give you their views.

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