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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Social Media in Research: Pros and Cons

There are now over 901 million members of Facebook (covering around 13% of the World’s population), of which 526 million are active daily users. The number of people using Twitter has also witnessed a significant increase in recent years, a total of around 250 million tw...

Why we're loving liking

Our online research and community platform, Jigsaw started life in 2007, when Facebook was in its early days as an open social network and Twitter had just started to emerge.  As they say on the BBC, ‘other social networks were available’!  It’s interesting to note that back then (just 5 years ago) the talk was all about social status and ‘recommends’!&nbs...

How to not get lost in cultural diversity

As international market researchers we are the ones looking to understand, explore and dig deeper – we aim to get answers, interpret and analyse. In our own interest we need to raise cultural awareness and manage cultural diversity. Whilst cultural diversity can add tremendous value and depth to a project, it can also increase complexity and ambiguity, lead to misunderstandings or, worst case, incorrect data and results.

‘Cultural awareness’ is a hot topic in today’s globalised (marke...

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