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Mobile Research: The Here and Now

There has been much debate about the future of mobile research taking place in various MR forums, regarding the uptake and usability of mobile research, including this recent blog by Reg Baker on Research Live

However, when it comes to surveys, we have found that research participants themselves are already forging a way ahead.

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Elements of a strong research community

Here at Intersperience, we are focused not only on providing our clients with in-depth research and analysis, but also about taking care of those customers who provide us with their insights.

We manage online communities where customers not only have the opportunity to answer surveys, vote on polls, join focus groups and take part in other research activities; but also to interact with one another, trade tips and advice and gain feedback into what their research has provided.


Integrating Online Communities into Facebook

Market researchers have long been on a quest to engage with younger audiences, who are notoriously elusive and difficult to engage in traditional research. With online, community-based research, we are more likely to ‘meet them half way’ by entering their space of the social web.

Our ‘Digital Selves’ research has shown how little this group use email, with online communication for them being all about social networking sites, such as Facebook. For them, this is about communication, no...

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