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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Location, Location, Location!

As Facebook adds the co-founders of Gowalla to its development team, we are reminded of the importance of location in shaping the future of mobile services. Both the BBC and CNN have reported that ‘location services’ is a key driver behind the move for Gowalla:

"Facebook Places seems to work fairly well but they want to make...

Engaging a Younger Audience

In today’s super competitive market, where consumers have more knowledge and power than ever, there is no denying the importance of increasingly researching, connecting and listening to what your customers want.

However, there is still a group that often eludes market researchers and online communities – that being of the under 25’s. In this article I will explore aspects of young people’s behaviour online, common pitfalls and tips for engagement.

If you make it – will they...

Mobile Research: The Here and Now

There has been much debate about the future of mobile research taking place in various MR forums, regarding the uptake and usability of mobile research, including this recent blog by Reg Baker on Research Live

However, when it comes to surveys, we have found that research participants themselves are already forging a way ahead.

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