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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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The Shop of the Future

This week we learnt about the latest casualty on the high street, Republic, so I felt compelled to get my crystal ball out and predict the shop of the future! Ambitious? Perhaps, but my aim is to give you an insight into the long term implications of consumer behaviour.

What can we learn about the loss of HMV?

This week the high street has seen another casualty Ė HMV. Last week we saw Jessops go out of business and before Christmas, Comet closed down. HMV hasnít technically gone yet Ė itís in administration, which means itís in the last chance saloon and may never come out! And if it doesnít, there wonít be a national music retailer left.

No doubt this will spur yet more column inches to be written about the woes of the high street. Some will use it as evidence for a really dire economy and...

How online sales made the difference this Christmas

Quite simply, online retail got it right this Christmas. This year, online shopping hit new records and transformed what could have been a poor retail period into a very successful one (The Telegraph, Online Sales Surge and Permalink   Read more and comment (0)

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