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Mobile Mania - A Case Study

Following on from our recent article in Marketing Week where we began to discuss the impact of mobile and increased uptake of digital on businesses, I thought I would share one of our case studies that really brings to life one of the key trends we have seen – the huge increase in methods and amount of communication that young people engage in.

Jordan* dreads his parents’ evening announcement that it’s ten minutes until bed time because he knows that they will then insist he leaves his phone downstairs. 

Jordan is ten years old and lives with his Mum, Dad and 5 year old sister. He has a nice bedroom all to himself that he enjoys, with a new office-type chair and desk, similar to the one he has seen his Dad sit on at work. He has a PC that sits on the desk with his favourite computer games loaded on. His room is small but it has space for his bed, his large wardrobe (bursting with skater clothes) and his posters of cars and scooters.

It is not his little room he dreads; it is the confiscation of his smartphone. He has a Samsung Galaxy Mini that he was given at Christmas by his parents and since this device entered his life his parents feel like he has been catapulted into adulthood and feel dwarfed by his technological advancement, his constant engagement in multiple conversations.

He still has an internet connection on the PC in his room, but it is access to the mobile internet that has opened up this new world to him. A new world of conversations, on top of the ones he was already having. His parents describe him as 'highly sociable anyway' with lots of friends. But now they observe a new sophistication in the way he manages his wide network of school, sports, dance and local friends. Some of the groups have their own channel - 'WhatsApp', ‘Snapchat’, texting or a social network, and his parents also say the amount that he communicates with them has increased as he only tends to actually make and receive calls to family members.

He also has a broad awareness of brands, no particular loyalties. He yearned for his Samsung before he got it and now he yearns for an iPhone. Not to replace the Samsung though - to compliment it! He says he could easily play on one and text on the other - it would fill his time better. By the end of the conversation it turns out that the fear and dread of losing his mobile might be short lived, as whilst his parents are concerned about him switching off and getting a good night’s sleep, Jordan is also confident that by the time he goes to bed he will be able to map out the benefits of keeping it on him "I can't be responsible for it and use it properly if it's not with me can I? I'm going to need to know a lot about technology when I grow up".


This is one of the stories that helped to inform our predictions for a coming onslaught of communications with businesses. For further information on the implications of young people’s behaviours for businesses get your hands on a copy of our White paper by dropping us an email here

*Name changed.

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