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If I'm tweeting about a programme does that mean I am engaged with it?

As we see more and more people become multiple device users we are being forced to consider further what this means for consumer behaviour.
Using mobile devices is, no doubt increasing our online social behaviours and in the context of television watching we are certainly seeing some programming driving twitter interactions, with media companies gaining deep and interesting commentary around the programming. These Ďinvolved viewersí who share their interests and tastes are important to media brands and a great source of information. But, I would question whether you can consider this group the most engaged in your content.

If you are moving your attention to Twitter, to praise, criticise or joke about program content then you are by definition less engaged with the content being delivered, because your attention has been divided.

We have seen a pattern in our research for younger users to be more likely to move back and forth across devices, and for them to feel more confident that they are able to stay engaged with these multiple devices. But, the most pervasive impression is still made when you manage to engage one user on one device for a prolonged period.

The brand is going to have the most indelible impression when you are so engrossed in the content, you donít think to tweet.

This happens with people from any segment of the audience when you get the content right and talking to those people about those experiences has never been more important.

Even if the majority of the population were active on social media (recent studies suggest wide variation in social media usage) and engaged with your brand. There would still be gaps in how we understand these people and there is still huge variation in the level and way we all engage.

There is much debate raging currently on how to measure engagement across multiple platforms and devices, spawning complex solutions but ultimately if your whole company works together to achieve a good brand image on and offline the results will be clear from the bottom line.

The way in which people use the word engagement varies a lot. In terms of getting the most out of social media your strategy should focus on getting the most out of those active users who are open to a dialogue. However we should never lose sight of the brand engagement seen across different types of users.

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