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A Guide to Facebook Etiquette

There are almost a quarter of a billion Facebook users in Europe (32 million in the UK) and popularity of the site continues to increase: 
  • An average Facebook user has 130 friends 
  • More than 1 million websites have integrated with Facebook in some way
  • 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday
  • As of 2012, 17 billion location-tagged posts and check-ins were logged
  • 23% of Facebook users check their account 5 or more times daily

To no one’s surprise businesses are creating profiles on Facebook and use this platform to engage with their existing customers or to acquire new ones. The most popular brand pages on Facebook in the UK are:
  • Amazon UK (3.3 million fans in the UK)
  • YouTube (3 million fans in the UK)
  • Skittles (2.8 million fans in the UK)
  • Coca-Cola (2.4 million fans in the UK)
  • Cadbury Crème Egg (2.2 million fans in the UK)

With 67% of social networkers ‘liking’ businesses and 39% being connected to businesses on Facebook, we thought we would put together a guide to Facebook etiquette for businesses (click to enlarge):

What are your experiences with businesses on Facebook? If you are a business, how do you engage with your customers on the site?
Share your thoughts with us here.

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