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Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Why isn't customer service about the customer?

Customer service should be designed to meet the needs of the customer, not the needs of business. And yet many of my own recent experiences seem to me to underline that decisions are based on cost saving and improving internal processes, than actually improving the customer’s experience.

Take my recent experience with my broadband supplier. I contacted them because I was having difficulty switching to online billing, I had recently moved house and my online account was somehow still...

Communication breeds communication

I was struck by the results of a recent project, which showed 25% of customers felt the need to phone or email as a direct result of an enquiry sought via the web.

For a long time, I have always believed and stated that communication will always breed more communication. We humans tend to be social animals after all. And providing any information about anything tends to engage the reader and can lead to more questions. In fact, ‘engagement’ is often a measure of success for marketing...

Empathy in Customer Care – Lose Your Fear!

Customer care (customer service, help desks, technical support, contact call center) reps, sometimes struggle with showing empathy to angry customers. Heck, some struggle with showing empathy to any customer!

Throughout 20 years of inspiring and training professionals to understand the customer’s perspective and empathize to build customer loyalty, I have seen some who are naturally good at it, some who learn it, and others who struggle with it.

Most puzzling to me have been t...

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