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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Is the use of social media data sustainable?

EU policymakers recently indicated their desire to force companies like Facebook and Google to seek permission to use our personal data, as reported recently in The Guardian

Our research has for a long time shown that consumers are currently not aware of how bu...

Social Media in Research: Pros and Cons

There are now over 901 million members of Facebook (covering around 13% of the World’s population), of which 526 million are active daily users. The number of people using Twitter has also witnessed a significant increase in recent years, a total of around 250 million tw...

How the Kindle will revolutionise reading

I recently blogged about books dying quicker than CDs. This Christmas, the Kindle (and other e-readers) was the tech gift of the year. Without a doubt, this was the gadget to give. Our Christmas research highlighted this trend with 24% of all tech gifts being an e-reader. To me, the most significant...

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