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Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Cultivating Consumer Trust

At the very core of collaboration is the notion of equality, the belief and understanding that the power and influence of one (any one) is of equal weight and potential to any other.

So, today I want to discuss the importance of a collaborative approach in consumer research, and in fact in any customer engagement.

Our research ha...

Examining Collaboration

At Intersperience we are always on the hunt for new and innovative ideas and striving to find new ways of reaching the truths behind human behaviour. In 2013, we are more excited than ever about collaborating with consumers to gain fresh insights. Our online tools and moderating skills are hone...

A Funny Thing Happened to the Forum

The forum started life as electronic mailing list, evolved into a bulletin board, was rebranded as a forum then took over the online research world in many people’s eyes.

Then a funny thing happened to the forum.  It became laden with a huge burden of expectation, with would-be forum-ites demanding cheap, self-perpetuating, plentiful insight from customers.

Is this justified?

What a forum is

  • A way for customers to build up online connections...

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