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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Open Ideas; the challenge of the M-Age

On May 26th 2011, Intersperience will be hosting Open Ideas: The Future Starts Here.

In this Vlog, Paul Hudson, CEO introduces the M-Age and the challenge that the economic fruition of this generation presents for business; a challenge which will be addressed in more depth at Open Ideas.

For the full Open Ideas agenda, venue details and booking information click here

What are the benefits of online focus groups?

We all think we know what a focus group looks like. Itís a bunch of people sat in a room above a shop on the high street, being plied with cups of tea and Roses chocolates, whilst a moderator asks them questions and a gaggle of clients gawp at them and drink wine behind a piece of mirrored glass.

But when it comes to online groups, there is far more variation in what is promoted as an online focus group. For some, itís half a dozen respondents on the phone and/or webcam, responding to...

Why isn't customer service about the customer?

Customer service should be designed to meet the needs of the customer, not the needs of business. And yet many of my own recent experiences seem to me to underline that decisions are based on cost saving and improving internal processes, than actually improving the customerís experience.

Take my recent experience with my broadband supplier. I contacted them because I was having difficulty switching to online billing, I had recently moved house and my online account was somehow still...

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