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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Can there be culture clashes online?

The internet; itís accessible from various places in the World. It covers 78% of North America, 63% of Europe, 27% of Asia Ö It brings people from several countries to one place - the online world. Itís truly international. Itís global. Since different nations come together on the internet, does it matter that we are all different? How important is it to be culturally sensitive online? Can there be culture clashes on the internet?

Today we access the internet on a smartphone, tablet,...

Where we're at: our new mobile app

At our ĎOpen Ideasí event earlier this year we highlighted the increasing importance of physical location in a world that many assume is increasingly virtual. Further, 51.3% of the UK population now own a smartphone and use their phone to perform a huge variety of tasks in a wide variety of locations and 73% of these people use mobile internet at least once a day1.

In research terms, being able to determine participantís location is highly valuable, as it...

Going for Gold: Bulletin Board Focus groups vs Live Online Focus groups

The athletes are limbering up on the starting line in the e-lympic stadium. In today's race we have the Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BB FG) and the Live Chat Focus Groups (LC FG).

The media has been whipping up a storm about the rivalry between these two consumer research competitors.

But what are their strengths and weaknesses? Let's take a look at their profiles:

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