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Consumer Trends

INNOVATE: Position your business to meet the needs of the ever-evolving digital consumer...
Research Update > 22 September 2013
Youngsters lie online to protect their digital identities
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We involve both customers and stakeholders throughout the innovation stage, combing brainstorming, co-creation and the latest online collaborative tools to narrow down the potential options for new products and services, map a strategy to reach your goals and overcome internal barriers to change.


Insight Audit: Discover the pearls...

Uncover the existing intelligence hidden within your business, convert it into a clearly defined output and identify any gaps.

Big Picture Workshop: Fill in the gaps...

Understand the impact of emerging consumer behaviour on your business; identifes both threats and opportunities.

Concept Lab: Develop the concept...

Draw on the latest consumer trends in relation to your business to fuel the development of new products and services via the ultimate creative brainstorming techniques.

Strategy Formulation: Make it happen!

Engage stakeholders to create business plans that keep you abreast of customer needs.



  • Trend reports
  • Workshops
  • Onsite consultancy
  • Offsite analysis
  • Co-creation and brainstorming
  • Ethnography and diary studies


  • New product/services concepts
  • Product/service development
  • Leading change
  • Strategic planning
  • Identifying new market opportunities
Their ability to combine primary research with the latest academic thinking on social trends, means their work always has practical implications, but does not lose sight of strategic context.
Head of Customer Insight