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Research Update > 22 September 2013
Youngsters lie online to protect their digital identities
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Research Updates and Articles


  • Stretching social ties - 12/04/2011
    Prolific online friendships strain human capacity to maintain meaningful relationships Read More
  • Friend or foe? - 17/03/2011
    Digital Selves highlights benefits of social networks but uncovers growing awareness of negatives Read More
  • Hedonists or workaholics? - 20/10/2010
    Evidence emerges of contrasting European attitudes to work and play Read More
  • Eastern European cultural conundrum - 17/09/2010
    Marketeers risk missing golden opportunities in Eastern Europe if they ignore research on critical cultural differences Read More
  • No eco-imperative in shopping - 07/03/2010
    British buyers care far less about buying eco-friendly products than other Europeans Read More
  • Global reach, local scale - 27/05/2011
    Globalisation has made it easier to reach potential customers but has also highlighted the need to be more aware of cultural differences Read More
  • The dawning of the Digital Age - 25/05/2011
    Understanding how humans adapt to technological changes is critical for organisations to thrive in the Digital Age Read More
  • Culture clash - 10/11/2010
    New ‘Cultural lens’ challenges European stereotypes Read More
  • Service culture differences - 11/08/2010
    Deep-rooted cultural issues explain divergent customer service expectations across Europe Read More
  • Games without frontiers - 09/08/2010
    Research into the culture of European consumers reveals five key clusters Read More
  • Digital Ageing and the Internet - 07/02/2010
    Competitiveness depends on how a population learns to exploit the internet, not how many are online Read More

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