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Research Update > 22 September 2013
Youngsters lie online to protect their digital identities
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  • Uncommunicative teenagers? - 10/02/2014
    Research reveals that teenagers are communicating more than ever before Read More
  • Olympian multi-taskers - 14/08/2012
    Home screens in overdrive as one-in-two Brits shared London 2012 experience across several devices simultaneously Read More
  • Digital Futures - 09/08/2012
     Read More
  • What price privacy? - 18/06/2012
    Legal moves on internet privacy highlight rising tension between control and convenience. Read More
  • Mobile internet frustrations - 12/04/2012
    Cracks show in consumers’ love affair with smartphones as internet performance disappoints Read More
  • Internet on the Move - 21/11/2011
     Read More
  • The Future Consumer - 26/08/2011
     Read More
  • A long, slow recovery - 08/09/2010
    Consumer confidence and sense of job security improving, allaying fears of UK “double dip” Read More
  • Spenders or Savers? - 09/07/2010
    No evidence of return to spending despite post-election uptick in confidence Read More
  • Senior Moments - 18/06/2010
    New wave of silver surfers makes a splash in social networking scene Read More
  • Fact or Fiction - 17/02/2014
    Brand executives deliver their verdict at Open Ideas on future scenarios which will shape consumer behaviour Read More
  • 2020 Vision - 15/02/2014
    Is your organisation prepared for the highly demanding, mobile, hyper-local consumer of the future? Read More
  • Security conscious kids - 09/03/2012
    Kids prove they are switched on when it comes to managing personal information on computers Read More
  • Game-changing dynamics of Gen Y - 10/05/2010
    How tapping into the mindset of Generation ‘Y’ can positively impact your bottom line Read More
  • 'Informed rejecters' shun mobile internet - 10/05/2010
    The most obvious audience for mobile internet devices is the hardest to win over Read More