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Intersperience is a research consultancy specialising in understanding consumer behaviour and customer experience.
Research Update > 22 September 2013
Youngsters lie online to protect their digital identities
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Paul Hudson, CEO

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Pam Taylor, Managing Director

Pam is responsible for all research operations at Intersperience. Working closely with Pam is a research team incorporating project managers, qualitative experts, statisticians and quantitative researchers. Pam also oversees the management of our CATI data collection centre. Pam has extensive management experience and combines strong organisational skills with effective people management to ensure projects are delivered in a timely, efficient manner.


Annette Smith, Online Insight Manager

Annette has been instrumental in developing both our online research platform and online qualitative capability. Annette has extensive research experience, with skills in desk research, interviewing, conducting focus groups and quantitative research methods. Prior to joining Intersperience, she conducted research into students' use of higher education league tables and on the strategizing and performance management practices of college Senior Leaders and Chief Executives. She has a degree in Linguistics and English Language and a MA in Applied Research and Consultancy from Lancaster University.


Dorota Rewinska, Trends and Innovation Manager

Dorota is native Polish with a Doctorate in Natural Science, which she received from Newcastle University. Her strengths lie in research methods, project management and data analysis, particularly combining data processing with interpretation of the results. Dorota’s skills are complimented by her interest in consumer behaviour. Her Polish nationality adds valuable insight into cross cultural aspects of market research.


Louisa Thistlethwaite, Research Quality Manager

Following graduating with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology, Louisa’s career in research has seen her deliver both thought provoking and business critical research to clients across industry. Working on projects both in Europe and America, Louisa has gained a unique insight into consumer behaviour - experience that has added value for many clients. In her former role of Senior Research Associate, Louisa utilised her strong capabilities in statistical data analysis and manipulation in combination with her aptitude for qualitative reasoning to enhance our clients’ customer approach.

On return from maternity leave Louisa took up a role heading up Intersperience's Quality and Training program. With a keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence, her role ensures that research outputs meet our exacting standards and that staff continue to develop and refine their skill and knowledge base.


Larry Bate, Project Co-ordinator

Larry has worked for over 14 years either in or closely associated to various Contact Centres. He is our lead mystery-shopping analyst and he has worked behind the scenes on developing our regular sector benchmarking reviews and is instrumental in continually updating our SSB methodology reflecting our customer service standards. Also, he has worked extensively on the benchmarking parts of various of our clients' projects seeing to it that the client requirements are met by means of the mystery shopping calls, analysis and reporting.         


Amy Eborall, Senior Research Associate

Amy graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Criminology and Sociology. From both her degree and industry experience, she has built a solid understanding of research methods, interpretation and presentation of results, and how this information can be used to build actionable insights to meet client’s needs. Amy’s previous retail experience has also led her to develop a curiosity for consumers’ desires and aspirations, allowing her to immerse herself amongst ‘customer voices’. Since joining the Intersperience team, Amy has led both quantitative and qualitative studies, in consumer and B2B contexts, using a variety of online and face-to-face techniques.


Alison Little, Marketing Associate

Alison's primary interest is in understanding consumer behaviour and how this affects organizational strategy. With a background in marketing and PR she has an astute awareness of the challenges facing such departments which provides her with a valuable insight into the necessity of accurate market research. Alison graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Business Information Technology and her experience in marketing and management provides her with the key competencies for effective project management and the interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative data. 


Rex Abbott, Research & Marketing Associate

Rex started his career in the banking sector for Barclays, working his way up to Area Sales Manager. In this time, Rex led the Regional team to be the most profitable in the Northern Area. After a highly successful career with Barclays, Rex joined the Intersperience team bringing experience in Marketing, Sales and Compliance which has proven invaluable when supervising the research team and undertaking marketing responsibilities.    


Intersperience’s ability to provide international, culturally sensitive insight has allowed us to improve our customer service around the world.
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