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PRESS RELEASE: Intersperience launches unique digital Olympics study

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Ethnographic research will reveal role of digital media in family life

London, UK, June 13 2012 - International consumer research specialist Intersperience is launching ‘Connected Olympics’, a unique ethnographic study of how digital media is used by British families, involving footage from cameras installed in 20 homes as well as a 300-strong online community to test findings across a wider base.

The in-depth project, which involves several innovative methodologies, will run throughout the London 2012 Olympics which will be the world’s first truly digital games as consumers follow the action on more technology platforms than ever before - including tablets, smartphones, laptops and TVs (including internet-enabled sets).

The project’s findings on how and why people interact with different digital devices and platforms such as social media in a range of real-life situations, will deliver exclusive insights on current and anticipated future consumer behaviour for a wide range of commercial organisations.

Paul Hudson, Intersperience Chief Executive said: “The London Olympics will mark the point when digital will finally go mainstream as the public switches on one billion smart devices to follow the Games. This peak in digital activity creates the perfect conditions for a unique ‘live testing lab’ designed to deliver fresh insight into how consumers interact with digital technology on a daily basis.”

Hudson added: “This research project is not about the Olympics per se - it is about using the behavioural insights we gather to identify the rate of adoption of new devices and explain how people are using them. It will also deliver invaluable intelligence for organisations seeking to spot product opportunities early and to gauge the impact of new devices, digital and social media on marketing and advertising.”

As well as surveillance cameras in homes, the ‘Connected Olympics’ project will involve in-depth interviews with family members with an emphasis on lifestyle and household dynamics to augment the video footage and add context. Participants in the project will also keep a ‘mobile media diary’ recording their use of digital media with the aid of Intersperience’s unique location-based diary app, taking the project out of people’s homes and ‘following’ them as they go about their lives.

It will also include research from a larger online community of 300 people which will test findings from the smaller family groups against a wider base of consumers, adding weight and depth to the overall results.

Intersperience has structured the project in three modules focusing on marketing, devices and social media, offering clients an opportunity to identify and access the elements of the project which are most relevant to their business sector. Participation in the project is priced at £2,500 per module. Intersperience has already signed up its first clients for the ‘Connected Olympics’ project and welcomes new participants.



For more information and to enquire about participating in the ‘Connected Olympics’ study please contact Intersperience directly:


Tel: + 44 (0) 15395 65450

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About Intersperience:

Intersperience is an international consumer research specialist with expertise in consumer behaviour, experience and attitudes. The team, which is headquartered in Cumbria, has more than 25 years experience in analysing consumer behaviour. It employs a range of interpretative models and frameworks including a proprietary online research platform. Intersperience has significant global expertise and an international research hub at Lancaster University which conducts research in more than 60 languages as well as associates in major global markets. Intersperience is an expert in how technology impacts on consumer behaviour and multi-channel customer service strategy. Clients include:The British Council; General Motors; Iceland; Samsung; ScottishPower and William Hill.

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