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Intersperience is an innovative consumer behaviour consultancy: WE 'MEAN' BUSINESS...
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Knowledge is power, but only if you act on it. Here at Intersperience we translate knowledge into actionable business strategies for you, your product or service, your brand and your market to ensure ongoing growth.

Our services are divided into four areas; uniquely designed to inform at every stage of the business development process, from innovation through to business planning and product testing and improvement. Join us at any stage and stay with us throughout or use services as and when required:

INNOVATE (Consumer Trends)

Identify opportunities for new products and services, overcome internal barriers to change and map a strategy to reach your goals.

PLAN (Customer Analysis)

Profile your target customers’ needs and assess the likely demand for your products and services.

DEVELOP (Testing & Validation)

Evaluate concepts, test prototypes, beta test products and assess their successful launch.

SUCCEED (Performance Evaluation)

Ensure your customer service, web experience or shopper experiences are continuously at their best.

With over 25 years of experience in analysing consumer behaviour and attitudes and expertise in all of the latest research techniques spanning qual and quant, online and mobile, face-to-face and ethnography, primary and secondary on both national and international levels. There are very few, if any, consultancies that can compete directly with our breadth of knowledge, expertise and technology.

Thank you very much for the quality of your work, your proactiveness and flexibility. We look forward for the future collaboration to better understand customer expectations.
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