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Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Making the most of your retail showroom

As I am currently working with a retailer planning for a new promotion, I turned back to our recent shopping behaviour surveys for inspiration. They indicated early signs of whatís to come, only 4% are actually using mobiles to make purchases, but of those 28% made significant purchases, spending £50 -£250.
The main story (nearly 50% of smartphone user...

New Customer Journeys

Helping a consumer with their online shopping experience is important for any business offering products or services. No organisation wants a customer to only start shopping, but never actually buy anything. It isnít ideal for generating profit. So businesses are doing everything they can to encourage consumers to complete the purchase journey online. There are fewer steps to go through; websites remember items that were viewed a...

Tags: Internet

Meeting Customers' Raised Expectations

Customers are the essence of any business and loyal customers are the key to long-term success. What you sell to your customers is one thing, but how you sell it and how you interact with your customers is another. Customer service helps to determine if you will sell to a customer again. 


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