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Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Books will die quicker than CDs

When it came, the digital music revolution was relatively swift. We can argue about how predictable it was and whether the music industry was caught on the back foot, but when Apple released the iPod in 2001 it revolutionised the music industry for good. The impact can be seen today with music shops such as HMV regularly issuing profit warnings.

Yet when we analyse the timeline the death of the physical CD has been relatively slow, it has taken a whole decade and the CD is still alive...

Mobile Internet

In this Vlog Paul Hudson, CEO of Intersperience examines how mobile Internet is being used currently and will be used in the future particularly in relation to m-commerce.

Customer Service Strategy

In this Vlog Paul Hudson, CEO of Intersperience explains how to ensure a customer service strategy which keeps pace with changing consumer expectations.

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