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Paul Hudson CEO of Intersperience
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Is the use of social media data sustainable?

EU policymakers recently indicated their desire to force companies like Facebook and Google to seek permission to use our personal data, as reported recently in The Guardian

Our research has for a long time shown that consumers are currently not aware of how bu...

Can there be culture clashes online?

The internet; itís accessible from various places in the World. It covers 78% of North America, 63% of Europe, 27% of Asia Ö It brings people from several countries to one place - the online world. Itís truly international. Itís global. Since different nations come together on the internet, does it matter that we are all different? How important is it to be culturally sensitive online? Can there be culture clashes on the internet?

Today we access the internet on a smartphone, tablet,...

YouView, The new opportunity for researchers

Last week, YouView was launched. YouView is an internet-connected set top box backed by all four of the public service broadcasters and two internet servie providers (TalkTalk and BT)

This is significant for a number of reasons as it was originally conceived as the future of Freeview and was designed to bring Ďconnected TVí to the masses. In short, it has been designed to change the nationís viewing habits for good.

However, itís been beset with problems and has launched...

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