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YouView, The new opportunity for researchers

Last week, YouView was launched. YouView is an internet-connected set top box backed by all four of the public service broadcasters and two internet servie providers (TalkTalk and BT)

This is significant for a number of reasons as it was originally conceived as the future of Freeview and was designed to bring ‘connected TV’ to the masses. In short, it has been designed to change the nation’s viewing habits for good.

However, it’s been beset with problems and has launched...

Engaging Silver Surfers

Whilst it is vital to push the boundaries and engage with a younger audience, it is often the over 45s who are the backbone of online research communities.  So to keep your over 45s awake and ready to give you feedback at the drop of a hat, I’ve compiled some handy tips that will see them flocking to give you their views.

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Social Media in Research: Pros and Cons

There are now over 901 million members of Facebook (covering around 13% of the World’s population), of which 526 million are active daily users. The number of people using Twitter has also witnessed a significant increase in recent years, a total of around 250 million tw...

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